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"Full Disclothesure" is Now "Disclosure"

These are my (personal) stories.

(The Rotem Studio business site, if you are looking for that, is over here.)

Why "Disclosure?" It's because in addition to my web & graphic design work, I also have small side line for pop culture graphic tees and artisan apparel, so long ago I ran a blog I called Full Disclothesure. I used it to share my new designs and boutique show schedules along with colleagues' creations, and occasionally made random references to meerkats.

Its rebirth, "Disclosure" (without the punny clothing reference -- did you get that?) sets out with a new direction, but the old posts are snuggled in an archive.

While it's mainly meant as a compendium for me to remember all the things I did or simply enjoyed writing about, anyone is invited to come along for the journey.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. – Oscar Wilde


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The Bee Whisperer

When I was 16 I worked in a summer camp, getting a free summer in the country, spending downtime with my friends, enjoying arts and crafts, or learning to drink Turkish coffee from the Israeli counselors. That's where I met the 9 year old Bee Whisperer.
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As we move through the calendar year, we each have those special things that evoke the season. In the summer, it may be the taste of barbecue or fresh berries, the sound of splashing water, or the scent of citronella candles. My cup of tea is, well, a particular cup of Japanese tea.
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It’s a Wonderful Amazon Delivery

I like to leave an "analog" tip that goes right into the drivers' pockets rather than online. It's not a lot, but it's a grueling job, and I appreciate the people who do it. But I had never thought of it as meaningful.
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Skelly, the Ultimate Urban Mid-Century Game

Our apartment building faced another, and in between were the sad, scratchy lawns we were forbidden to play on (probably because doing so, and we did, made them sad and scratchy), as well as benches, and painted hopscotch and skelly game diagrams.
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Angels in My Corner

I'd look up at the corners of the ceiling above the foot of my bed and see them. But every time I got up to look closer, teetering on the mattress on my toes, the putti would promptly disappear.
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Mick Jagger’s Chinese Cookbooks

The time when I worked in a Japanese bookstore, and sold Chinese cookbooks and a bunch of Japanese tchotchkes to Mick Jagger.
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Borscht Trauma

A hot summer day. Glasses of cold, raspberry-hued creaminess. So very tempting. The results so very... disastrous.
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This is So Not a 1950s TV Show

French communists, scientologists, a guy off his Librium, a gun-toting guest, an alcoholic schoolteacher... Reminiscences of my former life in Berkeley.
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Coffee & Oddities, with a Side of Class Estrangement

(Written in 2016)Funny, there are days when even littlest things bring smiles. This evening: perfect temps, and the sun is setting. Earlier I enjoyed a cup of cafe au lait on Montana Ave, watching an astonishing number of trophy wives in short garments mince by with their older significant others, tottering on ridiculously high wedge …

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